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Saturday 13 February 2021

The Rules of Radiology book is here!

Well, after 2 years of writing, editing, rewriting, re-editing and so forth, I am proud to announce the publication of the book form of the The Rules of Radiology.

It's a 213 page hardback book which dotted with lavish illustrations by my Uncle, John Charlesworth. Each of the first 50 Rules has it's own short chapter where they are explored, explained and detailed. 

As usual, there are plenty of decent jokes and lots of thought-provoking discussion of important topics. Crucial in these difficult times, it contains much straight-talking guidance on how to thrive in today's challenging medical world.

You can order it from your local bookshop (please do support them), the usual on-line booksellers or directly from Springer, particularly if you want it quickly or perhaps as an e-book


  1. Amazing. Looking forward to this arriving. Will make this mandatory reading for my trainees.
    Syed Junaid